Cupcakes Anyone?

My daughter loves cupcakes, so when I saw this pattern I knew I had to make it. After finishing it I am just not sure I am done, I’m thinking about going back and adding a few small things to it and if i do i will post an update. But for now this is what it looks like.


I must say I love every detail about this pattern, it is not one of my designs but it is great. I love how all of the cupcakes came together, all of the cupcake liners we designed by my daughter. She also helped me sew them together. The strawberry is my favorite, not just on here but that is my favorite flavor of cake too. The detail in the recipe book is amazing and once I had it finished it looked just like I wanted it too. I love how it has a pouch for all of the ingredients to be stored.


I love how the oven opens to store all the cupcakes in a trey, it makes it very easy and makes it feel like you really are cooking, I am thinking about going back and adding the top of the stove with knots and a clock. The oven closes with magnets instead of purse snaps, I should have added a sting to the oven and to the back to act like hinges but I didn’t.


I love how the bowl will hold the liners and the tops but this is another place I am thinking of adding something I can store the liners in on the bottom of the page. Also I love the soon and how it curves like a real spoon and it’s pretty stiff. I used a cupcake ribbon on the bowl, but after I made this page I found a baking ribbon that would have been prefect from Hobby Lobby this is another place I am thinking about adding something the cupcakes can sit on after they are made, but I am just not sure how to do that yet. The cupcakes are very simple and I have already thought of adding more favors.




For more details and the pattern go to Imagine Our Life

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