USA State Cards!


I made these card to help my kids study and learn their states.
It is a greatlearning tool and every state is included in alphabetical order. I plan on later making flash cards with information about each state but I thought they should learn the states first.


I made them with my Cricut Explore in Design Space and I will include the link below also I have made a video to show each card as well.

Everything is already sized and edited allyou have to do is cut and put it together.
It takes a total of 16 mats in different colors but most of them in white

9 White
1 Yellow
1 Orange
1 Red
1 Brown
1 Blue
1 Green
1 Black

I also used my Cricut cuttlebug with the Seeing Spots Folder to emboss the USA outline.



I have a craft haul video for you
Craft Haul


Close To My Heart :)

So in just a little under two weeks I will be selling some Amazing products known as Close To My Heart. I must say these items are beyond amazing. I live all of there exclusive ink stamp pads and the amazing stamps they have. And they have some of the most amazing paper I have ever been able to use. I am so thrilled that I get the chance to become part of such an amazing company. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.




The Amazing Cricut Explore…..

Last week I recieved the Cricut Explore and I must say it is amazing.


I am new to Cricut so I don’t know much about the older machines.  But It took me a while to make the choice buy a older machine or just spend a little more and get the newest. I am so glad I chose the newest, I love it and everything about it. I have already made a ton of projects in the last week including 3 sets of flash cards for my kids. Those will be in posts this week. I will be getting back into my blog to show all of the wonderful things I am creating. But before we get into all of the awesome crafts let me give you 10 reasons why I love the Cricut Explore.

10. It has a place to store my tools and extra blades when I am not using it.

9. A slot to put all of my tools while I am using it.

8. The mats store convently underneath it or it is a great place to set you paper for the project you are working on if you dont have a huge workspace.

7. It comes with a neat carrying bag for taking some where or if your like me who has a toddler who wants to get into it.

6.  Design space….Shows you exactly what your project is suppose to look like before you make it. No more guessing what goes together, it is already done for you.

We are only half way through don’t you love it already?? I know I do

5. You can cut and write or cut and score at the same time…..it sounds amazing and it really is

4. You can share your projects with other people so they can make it exactly like you did. Which is great for crops

3.It is so quite, my husband was a asleep less then 10 feet from it and never noticed I was using it

2. You are not limited to just Cricut markers. There are many many more that work. (I will have a post on that soon stay tuned)

So there was a tie for the last two I just couldn’t decide which Iliked better so they both became number one

1. You can upload and cut your own images… Yes you read that right your own .svg, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, and .dxf files absolutely free. And you can even use fonts you already have on your computer. Isn’t that amazing??

Last but not least you no longer have to buy all the cartridges because you can buy images for as little as $0.99, or you can subscribe for only $9.99 a month to unlimited use of over 25,000 images and 200 fonts. Thats insane right??? Only thing I have found is Licensed cartidges are NOT included in that but you can always buy the few that are licensed right??

So there is so many great things about this machine. I love everything it can do, like the tiny little details and can cut as small as 1/4″ but shhh I have cut sall then that and it turned out amazing


Then there is the make it now projects where the only work you have to do is puting it together. I sets up the mats and gives you pictures and directions.


The canvas option is great. You can set what you are working on, no more guessing sizes all you do is select canvas and you can even customize then to fit how you want it. So then you can make sure everything fits perfectly and no more wasting paper.


And there is that smart dial all you do is turn it to whatever setting you are cutting no more adjusting the blades. It does it all for you.


It also comes with a tips and tricks guide and a few materials to get you started.

How great does the CricutExplore sound? I love it, so glad I made the decision to hop on the Cricut train. It is avaible in stores March 15th and it is already available for pre-order online. As I said in the beginning this is my first Cricut machine so I have done a lot of research on the older machines to make sure this was the best one for me, which is how I was able to write this post about what is better about the Cricut Explore.

I am in no way affiliated with Cricut I bought this machine on my own and this is my own opinion


Here fishy, fishy

Here is another page that I really enjoyed making. I do not have a pattern but I’m sure you could find one by googling fish bowl coloring pages. This was another page that I wanted to get out of the way early, but it took me a little bit to figure out the way I wanted it done. I must say I love the way it turned out. I must find another way to add the eyes because the ones I had did not stay on. The colors are very simple and so is the sewing.


I used a simple back stitch on the inside of the coral, I used a running stitch on the outside of the coral and the sand, I also used the running stitch on the fish bowl. I just sewed the center of the star fish instead of around the edges.


I used a back stitch to make the fins, and a simple stitch around the snag free Velcro I attached to the back of the fish, I also used a blanket stitch to attach the 2 pieces for the fish together.

I used a blue, white, golden yellow, green, tan, and like green felt. I also used a small piece of gold glitter foam for the starfish. I used embroidery thread according to the colors I used.


Red Light, Green Light

This is a simple page, I have no template I just took the idea of a stoplight and made it as basic as I could. I didn’t want to over do it by adding to much, the words would have been a great touch but my son can’t read yet so I figured that would be something I could add later. Everything was simple and basic because to much could be confusing for a 1 year old.


The name of the colors, or what each color means would have been a great touch to the circles.


I used a white background felt, a golden yellow for the stoplight, green, neon yellow, and red. I also used 3 snaps, the sew on kind are fine but I used the ones that require the snap setter. I used a small piece of black ribbon for the loop at the top. I used a silver embroidery floss( the shiny one) to stitch everything together, I used a blanket stitch for most of the sewing. There is so much you can add to this page or you can leave it simple. I finished the page in just a few hours


The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The Itsy Bitsy Spider crawled up the water spout.
Down came the rain, and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun, and dried up all the rain,
And the Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the spout again.

This page is just too cute not to love. It turns a lullaby into something you can play with as you sing the song. I love how it shows the whole story, and the lady bug is just so cute. There is so much You can do to this page to make it unique, but I chose to leave it simple. I’m sure you could add some flowers or a bird or frog into the grass. I think the idea of a mud puddle hiding under a flap is a great idea.


I chose to make the legs of my spider silver ribbon because it makes it look girly, alone with the purple house and pink pipe. This page was made for a girl, but I will also be doing a boys version of this page but I will be changing the lady bug to a Beatle.


A Voice Recorder that lets you record you singing the lullaby would make a great addition to this page. The pattern and details for this page are at Imagine Our Life